About our practice in Baltimore, MD

Sollay Laser Center is the premiere medical aesthetic laser center in Baltimore, Maryland. We specialize in the application of laser energy; radio frequency energy; ultrasound energy; micro needling and injection therapy to meet the specialized needs of each of our patients. No two patients have the same needs. We specialize in meeting your needs in designing a program especially for you. Whether you are losing weight and desire body sculpting; or have body tattoos which you want to change we specialize in making it easy and convenient for you.

Our friendly, comfortable office is a great environment to relax and take care of yourself.

Our staff is well trained physicians and nurse practitioners who specialize in helping you to be your best.

Our goal is to help you to make your dreams come true.

Call now for your free consultation. Tell us your dreams and we will design a care plan for you. Call now, (410) 644-7655.

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