Acne Scar Removal

In the past acne scaring was a painful damaging process that often resulted in permanent unsightly damage.  Many scars of acne were untreatable and often left the patient with unsightly […]

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Neova Smart Skin Care

Dual Matrix: (Retinol plus DNA) Sollay Laser Center is excited to team up with Neova Smart Skin Care to offer the breakthrough power blend of retinol plus DNA repair technology […]

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Wrinkle Reduction in Baltimore, MD

Cynosure Pelleve’ one machine, endless potential to restore your skins natural beauty. Sollay Laser Center is excited to offer Pelleve’ RF wrinkle reduction technology. Pelleve’ radiofrequency technology tightens skin and […]

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CynoSure Pelleve’ S5 RF System in Baltimore, MD

Revive Your Skin’s Natural Beauty

Sollay Laser Center is excited to partner with CynoSure to offer Pelleve’ S5 RF System providing radiofrequency treatment that creates visible improvement in skin tightness, texture, wrinkles and cellulite.  Eighty-seven […]

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Sollay Laser Center is proud to partner with Regenica developed by one of the leading scientist in regenerative medicine who discovered that by reproducing the embryonic environment that she could […]

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SculpSure The Final Frontier

In 2017 the United States FDA approved the use of medical therapeutic lasers to provide permanent fat destruction. SculpSure laser technology uses 1060nm wavelength technology to permanently melt fat away […]

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