Body After Baby Sculpting Package


88% of Women

reported, after losing some or all of their pregnancy weight, they could not get back to their pre-baby stomach and still had the “jelly belly.”

VelaShape Results

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Sculpt your shape back to your pre-pregnancy body!

Sollay combines advanced technologies to provide mommies with a customized approach to body slimming, weight loss, and stretch mark reduction. We’ll work with you to find the right treatments to reach your goals.

Sollay’s Multi-Dimensional Approach

Sollay Cosmetic Medical & Laser Center has Baltimore’s widest selection of treatments and therapies that can help moms regain their confidence.

Medical weight loss, laser body contouring, and laser skin resurfacing can all help with the lingering effects of pregnancy. The medical professionals at Sollay can assess your goals and provide a custom treatment program to help you have success.

VelaShape Laser Lipo and BioFlex Body Slimming

Sollay has invested in proven, leading-edge medical technology that provides dramatic results without surgery: VelaShape and BioFlex.

By using dual technologies for body contouring, the professionals at Sollay can aggressively target stubborn areas of fat.

To learn more about these advanced non-invasive solutions, visit our VelaShape Laser Lipo and BioFlex pages.

Medical Weight Loss

Dr. Baker and the medical team at Sollay can work with you to find a healthy weight loss solution that provides the results you want.

By utilizing a combination of nutritional coaching, weight loss medications, and exercise plans, we can develop a customized plan that is realistic to your goals and busy life

Stretch Mark Scar Reduction

The same advanced laser technology that Sollay uses to treat acne scars is also useful for reducing the appearance of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy and weight fluctuations.

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