Botox is a medication used to give your face a chemical make-over.

Botox can treat the following conditions:
– Eyebrow lift 2-5 units per side
– Crow’s feet 5-15 units per side
– Wrinkles or nasal lines 5-10 units per side
– Dimpled cheek 2-6 units per side
– Smile lift corners of the mouth 5-10 units per side
– Frown glabellar lines 20-25 units per side
– Forehead lines 20-30 units

Botox is extremely effective in eliminating the following:
– Worry lines
– Crows feet
– Nasal labial folds
– Smile lines
– Frown lines
– Smile lift
– Forehead lines

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Terrance L. Baker, M.D., M.S.
Hana Kelele, CRNP, PhD
Modesta Vesonder, CRNP, MA

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