Being a mother has its privilages

Sollay Laser Center is excited to provide Sculpsure technology to patients from around the world.  Yes, being a mother has its privileges.  However, having a baby can change your appearance forever.  Where there was once smooth, taut skin and muscles there now appears stretched skin and sagging low hanging tissue.  Dangerous curves appear and seem resistant to workouts and diet alone.

Sollay Laser Center is excited to announce the solution.  SculpSure and TempSure Technology changes the playing field for mothers forever.  Get rid of those dangerous curves that keep you from returning to the “hot momma” that you were prior to carrying the most precious gift of your life.  Today using SculpSure and TempSure technology by Cynosure, hot momma’s like yourself can recapture your pre-pregnancy appearance.  SculpSure medical therapeutic laser therapy can permanently destroy fat cells that have appeared in all the wrong places.  TempSure using radiofrequency technology can smooth and tighten areas snug.  Together SculpSure and TempSure represent state of the art technology for body slimming.

Sollay Laser Center is located just 9 miles from Baltimore Washington International Airport.  Call Sollay Laser Center today for your free consultation and to schedule your treatment appointment. (410) 644-7655

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