91% of subjects showed an overall improvement in fairness and skin tone


Have years of being in the sun caused your skin tone to be discolored or uneven? elure™ Skin Brightening Products can help your skin glow again.

Sollay offers a wide variety of skin solutions to help you look your best. elure™ is a state-of-the-art line of products designed to illuminate your natural complexion. Lighten and smooth your skin tone in as little as one month.

elure™ Advanced Brightening Lotion

Appropriate for day and night use, the Advanced Brightening Lotion by elure™ is excellent for everyday improvement of skin radiance and tone. Using the proprietary and patented Melanonzyme™ ingredient, the brightening lotion is the best solution to illuminate your skin tone.

Melanonzyme™ is a naturally ocurring enzyme which is hydroquinone free and exceptionally effective at lightening unwanted pigmentations.

elure before and after

elure™ Advanced Brightening Night Cream

A moisture-rich cream that functions to both lighten skin tone and soften skin texture, the elure™ Advanced Brighting Night Cream is also uses Melanonzyme™ and does double the work of standard night creams for beautiful results.

elure™ Advanced Face Wash

Remove dead skin cells and gently cleanse your pores with the elure™ Advanced Face Wash designed to work in conjuction with the rest of the elure™ product line for maximum skin brightening.

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