Urinary Incontinence a Common Condition

Urinary incontinence effects millions of women each year in America.  The majority of presentations can be characterized as stress, urge or mixed type urinary incontinence.  Stress urinary incontinence manifests as leakage of urine in the presence of increased intrabdominal pressure, such as coughing, laughing or lifting.  It is most commonly caused by weak abdominal and pelvic muscles associated with vaginal deliveries and the natural aging deconditioning process.

The first and easiest test in evaluating urinary incontinence is a routine urinalysis to rule out urinary tract infection.  Urinary tract infections in women with bladder and urinary incontinence are common.  Although asymptomatic bacteriuria (bacteria living in your urine) does not cause urinary incontinence many women report that increasing incontinence may be the only presenting symptom of a urinary tract infection.

A breakthrough treatment for stress incontinence and often times mixed incontinence is currently available to improve and/or eliminate stress and mixed type leakage.  Mona Lisa Touch therapy has proven to improve and/or eliminate many patients urinary incontinence.  Mona Lisa Touch therapy is a revolutionary treatment modality using advanced CO2 laser cutting edge applications of laser light to stimulate collagen formation and to repair vaginal mucosa and thicken the supportive collagen base of the vagina while also stimulating and improving collagen support of the bladder.  Mona Lisa Touch technology is a revolutionary breakthrough clinical application using photobiomodulation therapy to stimulate collagen formation and to heal underlying vaginal mucosa while strengthening and supporting the bladder and bladder mucosa.

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