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The HCG Diet: What You Should Know

The HCG diet plan is based on the decades of research by Dr. Albert Simeons, a British endocrinologist. This diet plan has allowed people to lose weight rapidly and sustain the weight loss long term.

The HCG protocol combines HCG with a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) . If you are looking to lose all of your excess fat and keep it off, you should consider the HCG diet weight loss protocol.

One of the features of the HCG diet plan is that the HCG actually helps you to feel satisfied on just the VLCD daily. This happens because HCG instructs the hypothalamus to release 3000-4000 calories in stored fat every day. This results in feeling full, satisfied without hunger.

Don’t worry about getting stuck in a motivational rut, the HCG diet produces results almost immediately.

It’s easy to stay motivated when you see the pounds and inches falling off. Women lose an average of 1 pounds per day; men lose slightly more.

We will take measurements, pictures and track your progress along the way. Sollay’s Weight Loss Practitioner will review the diet, protocols, ability to stabilize your weight loss and take you through the journey of maintaining your goal weight. REMEMBER… it’s easy to take weight off of any individual BUT, maintaining that goal weight and lifestyle is the more challenging part.

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