Laser Photobiomodulation of Wound Healing

Laser wound healing in Baltimore, MD areaAt Sollay Laser Center we have been treating wounds of all types for over 10 years:

  • Ischemic due to poor circulation
  • Surgical wounds that have been slow to heal or have dehiscence (opened up)
  • Ulcerations due to trauma and poor circulation
  • Infection
  • Scaring
  • Venus stasis

Medical therapeutic lasers play a key role in treating and accelerating impaired wound healing.  At Sollay Laser Center our innovative therapeutic strategies of using medical therapeutic lasers alone and in combination with medical management and hyperbaric treatment have virtually resulted in 100% wound closure.  Therapeutic results from the Sollay Laser Center using red and infrared wavelength laser light and LED results in significant benefits in measured perimeters of wound healing.

Treatment results at the Sollay Laser Center consistently have demonstrated the ability of laser and monochromatic light to photobiomodulate wound healing processes in patients presenting with a wide variety of wounds.

The Sollay Laser Center is proud to announce its affiliation with the Wound Care Centers of America (WHCA) and Hyper Heal Hyperbarics in a joint venture to provide for the first time in the Maryland area comprehensive wound management including vascular surgery, podiatry, internal medicine, wound care certified specialist, hyperbaric chamber therapy and photobiomodulation therapy (laser therapy).  Together this extraordinary approach to the treatment and healing of wounds represents a comprehensive approach to the treatment and resolution of virtually every wound.  I invite you to call for your free consultation today.  Come meet with the knowledgeable staff of the Sollay Laser Center so that we might assess your condition and provide options for treatment.

Call today, Ziad Mirza, MD, FACP, 443-330-5618, 443-652-3274 or Terrance L. Baker, MD, MS, FAFM, (410) 644-7655.

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