Mona Lisa Touch is a vaginal and labial rejuvenation treatment that uses a CO2 laser to restore youthful function by renewing your body’s natural collagen production.  Mona Lisa Touch is the most effective non-surgical rejuvenation technology available today.

Mona Lisa technology allows patients to rejuvenate, reinvigorate aging vaginal tissue while treating incontinence, vaginal dryness, and loss of sensation.

Many women notice changes in there vagina and labial area following childbirth; as a natural result of aging; and as a result of medical treatments.

The vagina changes in appearance and function.  You may not be as tight as you once were. You may not lubricate like you once did.  At times this can create embarrassing moments. During those private personal times in your life which seem to occur less frequently as we age, every woman wants to be confident in their vaginal appearance and function.  Call today to schedule an appointment to see how Mona Lisa Touch technology can change your life.

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