Dreams Come True – Don’t Give Up On A Great Sex Life After Menopause

Sollay Laser Center introduces the Mona Lisa Touch!!! The Mona Lisa Touch using specialized energy generated by a medical therapeutic laser rejuvenates the vagina and vaginal opening in three to four treatments.

If you are experiencing pain when you have intercourse you may have experienced hormonal shifts where your natural level of estrogen drops and your vagina begins to degenerate. The pain you experience with intercourse is related to irritation, chaffing because the mucosa in the vagina has gotten thin and irritated and tears easily. Lubrication is reduced as the aging vagina wall thins and dries. The vagina changes size and shape all of which can significantly contribute to painful intercourse.

In the past, hormone creams have helped alleviate the problem. However, some women can’t use estrogen creams because of a history of breast cancer and some women just don’t like using daily creams.

Now Mona Lisa Touch offers medical therapeutic laser treatment which is effective and proven and will provide you with the relief for which you have been looking.

Patients are ecstatic. Look at some of the comments made for patients treated at the Sollay Laser Center:

Erica C.
“I am a 63-year-old female who has always enjoyed being sexually active until the last several years. My husband and I have drifted apart and sexual activity had become rare and unpleasant. I heard about Mona Lisa Touch through an online advertisement and decided to give it a try. Unbelievable, characterizes what happened. Today my husband and I have reestablished an active sexual life and
look forward to years of continued sexual activities”. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who is looking to reestablish an active sexual life with their spouse or with a significant other. No matter how long you have been inactive the potential to regain your intimacy is real.”

Martha G.
Martha is a 93-year-old female who recently found the love of her life and desires to return to a life of sexual activity. Today, Martha is sexually active. Martha reports “Incredible, unbelievable that I could ever feel this way and have these types of close intimate moments again”.

Jenny B.
Thirty-six-year-old (36) post-partum mother who required vaginal surgery in order to accommodate delivery. Since delivery, Jenny reported that her sexual activity was virtually none. She and her husband had drifted apart and she was concerned that he was seeing another woman. Jenny’s post-partum vagina never felt the same following delivery and the episiotomy. Following four treatments with Mona Lisa Touch, Jenny reports that she is now sexually active on a weekly basis. Any discomfort she felt related to the episiotomy and the excessive stretching of the vagina has resolved. She is very excited to be a part of the “hot momma’s” who have experienced Mona Lisa Touch therapy following vaginal delivery and have found it to be an important part of vaginal recovery following natural childbirth.

Lisa M.
Thirty-two-year-old (32) survivor of breast cancer status post radical mastectomy for breast cancer  found herself becoming more and more distant from her partner as she was not able to be sexually active because of vaginal dryness and side effects of the therapy she required for breast cancer treatment. After four Mona Lisa Touch treatments, today Lisa has returned to an active sexual experience reporting several sexual encounters per month “I never though I would ever be able to be intimate again. Mona Lisa Touch therapy provided me with the opportunity to regain my sexuality, my dignity and give me a second chance to experience the emotion and physical closeness of a sexual relationship with my partner”.

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