Gynecological Health Light Based Ureteral Treatment

Become Yourself Again – Mona Lisa Touch

Gynecological health is an important part of a woman’s well-being at all ages and during times of illness, treatment with chemotherapy; radiation therapy and postmenopausal changes which commonly occur. When estrogen levels decline due to changes in life significant changes in gynecological health occur.

Mona Lisa Touch allows women to restore vaginal health without taking medications, undergoing surgery or using topical creams and lotions.

Mona Lisa Touch is the only treatment of its kind using laser light to rejuvenate and restore vaginal and labial integrity.

  • Millions of women are experiencing changes in their gynecological health.
  • Virtually every woman can benefit from Mona Lisa Touch therapy.
  • Non-surgical approach to gynecological health.
  • Clinically proven to bring lasting relief.
  • Mona Lisa Touch is life changing for most patients.
  • Mona Lisa Touch therapy is simple and safe. Mona Lisa Touch difference matters.
  • Three treatments of less than ten minutes each.
  • In office procedure.
  • Requires no anesthesia.
  • Thousands of women successfully treated since 2012.

How does Mona Lisa Touch create such impressive results?

  • A virtually painless procedure in which a speculum like device which administers fractional C02 Laser DOC’s apply therapeutic light energy scattered over the vaginal mucosa providing the stimulation necessary to restore vaginal mucosa and to stimulate the development of collagen.
  • No anesthesia required. Virtually painless treatment procedure.

This safe effective treatment is demonstrated in a video for our patients at YouTube: Mona Lisa Touch at Sollay Laser Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The therapy requires three treatments lasting five to ten minutes in order to accurately apply the appropriate treatment dose. The procedure is done in the doctor’s office at Sollay Laser Center. The best part is no downtime and virtually no pain or side effects.

Most women being treated for their gynecological health experience an improvement in their health overall. The patients quality of life is reported by over 85% of patients as being positively improved. Mona Lisa Touch has been successfully treating women since 2012 for improvement in gynecological health including vaginal dryness; vaginal laxity; vaginal irritation and inflammation; vaginal pain; vaginal hypersensitivity; recurrent vaginal infections; recurrent vaginal inflammation; and side effects/complications of medications patients may be consuming that were prescribed to treat other medical conditions but resulting in vaginal dysfunction.

Clinically proven to bring lasting results. In a recent study, 84% of patients showed significant improvement in their physical and mental quality of life scores over baseline and were satisfied with the treatment. An additional 8% of patients reported improvement of life scores over baseline and were satisfied with the treatment when provided a fourth treatment. Mona Lisa Touch therapy has proven immediate and lasting results which provide a high degree of patient satisfaction. The Mona Lisa Touch treatment system provides the opportunity for women to receive life changing treatments of their gynecological health without downtime and without any significant inconvenience. Literally, Mona Lisa Touch therapy can be performed during a patient’s lunch hour. It is important for the patient and the doctor to achieve life changing results without significant side effects, complications, reactions or additional costs.

Mona Lisa Touch is cutting-edge one of a kind life changing technology.

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