Mona Lisa Touch & TempSure Envi

Miracles of Life:  Give Life Another Chance!!!

Sollay Laser Center of Excellence is excited to offer to our patients the unique combination of the regenerative power of C02 laser to provide vaginal rehabilitation combined with the restorative treatment for the vaginal introitus and labia.

Who can forget the hot summer days of youth followed by the even hotter summer nights filled with the promise of unlimited possibilities.

Mona Lisa Touch medical therapeutic laser treatment for restoring and rejuvenating vaginal health combined with the unique cutting edge technology of radiofrequency (RF) of the TempSure by Cynosure opens up possibilities for part of your life that you may have considered passed.  Why be restricted in your relationships with your husband and significant others when in fact a cutting edge breakthrough technology offers you the opportunity to reignite relationships and to start relationships that you never thought possible at this time in your life.

In homage to the endless summer nights of youth comes Mona Lisa Touch and TempSure Envy by Cynosure.  Call 410-644-7655 to book your free consultation. Our well trained board certified staff will meet with you privately and confidentially to evaluate your unique medical needs.  We can show you the technology that may place your next epic adventure in front of you and not behind you.

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