MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment for the Loss of Sexuality and Intimacy

Mona Lisa Touch Loss of  SexualityThe Mona Lisa Touch Laser Treatment for menopausal symptoms; loss of sexual intimacy and bladder incontinence is an effective safe procedure being used effectively by women like you around the world to improve their health.  Common menopausal symptoms include painful intercourse; vaginal dryness, itching and burning and painful urination which can be associated with urinary incontinence.  Mona Lisa Touch therapy is a dynamic breakthrough technology using laser energy to stimulate and restore healthy vaginal and bladder function.

What Can I Expect?

Mona Lisa Touch Therapy involves a series of three (3) ten minute procedures performed 4-6 weeks apart.  The treatment is much the same as the examination that you experience during your annual pap smears.  A speculum like laser probe is inserted into the vagina and systematically used to rejuvenate the lining of the bladder and vagina so as to stimulate the development of collagen and the restoration of more normal blood supply and lymphatic drainage to the area resulting in significant improvement in bladder and vaginal function.

Pre-treatment Instructions

Pre-treatment instructions for Mona Lisa Touch vaginal laser:

  • Refrain from sexual intercourse 24 hours prior to your treatment.
  • Avoid the use of lubricants or vaginal creams or douches 48 hours prior to    treatment

Post Treatment Instructions for Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Laser

  • Refrain from vaginal sexual activity for 48 hours following treatment.
  • Resume normal activity as tolerated immediately after the procedure.

Mona Lisa Touch Treatments Compliment Yearly Preventative Health Examinations by your Primary Care Physician or OB/GYN

We recommend that all patients stay up to date on their pap smears before and during treatment with the Mona Lisa Touch.  Having a pap smear prior to treatment is not required but is recommended that you continue preventative health with your primary care physician or OB/GYN.

The Mona Lisa Touch Vaginal Laser Treatment Experience

The purpose of the Mona Lisa Touch Laser treatment is to relieve menopausal symptoms including painful intercourse, vaginal dryness, itching and burning and painful urination.  Also, many patients experience significant improvement in their intimacy as described by improved sexual experiences.  Additionally, most patients experience improvement in bladder function especially patients who have previously experienced urinary incontinence.

During the treatment some patients experience discomfort which typically is related to their pre-existing signs and symptoms for which they are being treated rather than the treatment itself.  In other words, the patients may experience the same or similar symptoms to painful intercourse while being treated.  However, it is the pre-existing vaginal atrophy and dysfunction which is causing the discomfort not the treatment itself.  Most patients in fact experience no pain or discomfort while being treated with the Mona Lisa Touch.

Yearly Mona Lisa Touch Treatments

Currently we recommend that patients require an annual Mona Lisa Touch treatment.  The best answer for the reason is to protect your investment.  Although you will be returned to normal vaginal health after 3-4 treatments symptoms will return over time related to the aging process and the underlying disease process.  Studies have shown that the optimal time between maintenance treatments is twelve months.

The Mona Lisa Touch Experience

Patient sensations during treatment varies for every individual.  Some patients describe it as being similar to the sensations of jets in a hot tub.  Others have described it as a snapping sensations, warm pulses or pinching.  Occasionally patients complain of the pain caused by inserting the vaginal probe much like the pain they have been experiencing during intercourse.  The inner labia are more sensitive than the vaginal canal due to increased nerves.  Patients who have had this tissue treated have experienced more pain and describe it as a snapping sensation.

Post Mona Lisa Touch Experience

Following treatment, patients have said it feels the same as it would after having intercourse.  The similar sensation of recent intimacy.

Results of the Mona Lisa Touch Experience

Some patients have reported immediate results while others have reported that it was the second treatment before they experienced significant improvement.  Following the third or fourth treatment most patients return to normal vaginal health.

Insurance Coverage

Most American healthcare insurance policies do not cover this treatment.  The Mona Lisa Touch treatment is considered an “elective” treatment.

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