Neuromuscular Stimulation Therapy

Neuromuscular Stimulation Therapy

Neuromuscular Stimulation Therapy

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Sollay is a Leader in Innovative Restorative Therapies

Nerve and muscle damage can be an exceptionally frustrating condition. Fortunately, Sollay offers a state-of-the-art therapy to promote healing.

Neuromuscular therapy works by stimulating nerves with electric pulses to rebuild muscles and increase range of motion. This form of physical therapy is especially helpful for atrophied muscles and nonhealing wounds.

How does neuromuscular stimulation therapy work?

Neuromuscular stimulation therapy works by using gentle electrical pulses to stimulate muscles. During the therapy, electrodes are placed on the muscles to be targeted.

By stimulating the muscles, the atropied or damaged area is rehabilitated over time. It trains the weakened muscles to regain mass.

This form of physical therapy is used by leading hospitals and rehabilitation centers, and it is now available at Sollay in conjunction with a variety of a healing treatments.

With consistent use of neuromuscular stimulation therapy, patients will see increased strength, muscle development, and control.

Neuromuscular stimulation is a common physical therapy treatment for patients with chronic pain and damaged tissue from athletic injuries, stroke,

paralysis and more.

Regain your physical strength and control with neuromuscular stimulation – a trusted, studied therapy for those with muscular issues.

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