Weight Loss Program in Baltimore & Columbia, MD Area

Weight Loss Program offered by Sollay Laser Center in the Baltimore, MD, area

Trust the Medical Team at Sollay for Healthy Weight Loss

  • Safe & Healthy
  • Lasting Results
  • Customized to You
  • FDA-Approved Science

All follow up visits only $50 – and include B20 Boost!

We all know – dieting is hard. At Sollay, we work to create an easy-to-follow plan with the help of FDA-approved innovations in weight loss.

Benefit from ongoing consulting with medical weight loss professionals, customized diet support, and body slimming laser treatments for expedited results.

The Sollay Approach to Weight Loss

Under the guidance of our professional medical staff, you can benefit from FDA approved technology combined with nutrition programs.

We help patients to achieve weight loss goals with safe, effective, and long-lasting methods.

During your consultation, our staff will work with you to develop a plan that best suits your needs. Our emphasis is on customization. Based on your body type, problem areas, and activity level, we will create a customized weight loss plan that will deliver the results you want.

All of our programs offer nutrition education and support from our Baltimore-location staff.

Medical Weight Loss Solutions

Sollay creates customized packages for weight loss that may include any of the following treatments:

Nutritional & Exercise Planning

Get healthy with a physician-designed eating and activity plan that works with your busy lifestyle and dietary needs.

FDA-Approved Medications

Benefit from advances in medicine with safe, effective prescriptions designed for shedding pounds.

VelaShape Laser Lipo

Slim down even stubborn areas of resistant fat with localized body slimming that’s 100% non-invasive and painless.

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BioFlex Body Contouring

Double-up on body contouring with BioFlex body contouring that gently slims in conjunction with other therapies.

B-12 Injections

Boost your energy and immune system with regular B-12 injections.

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