Look years younger in just a couple treatments

Age Spot and Birthmark Removal

Erase sun damage and pigmented skin blemishes with easy laser treatments that leave your skin looking younger and even toned.

Whether it’s on the face, chest, shoulders, or hands – many adults get dark blemishes on their skin as they age. Laser treatments are the best treatment option for age spots and other skin pigmentation irregularities. Because age spots are a sign of aging, laser treatment can make you look years younger in just a couple treatments.

Sollay’s laser treatments work on:

  • Birthmarks
  • Brown spots
  • Common nevi
  • Cafe-au-lait marks

Specials at Sollay

Age Spot Removal

Laser treatments are an effective, easy solution to the common problem of age and sun spots. As sun damage occurs over time, skin may react by building excess melanin in certain areas – these areas look like darkened blemishes on the skin.

At Sollay we use the state-of-the-art Astanza Duality laser to remove excess melanin in the skin, lightening the spots to match your natural skin tone.

Most age spots can be removed in one to three treatments. Once removed, they do not return unless additional sun damage occurs.

Lasers are the best solution for age spots, as the treatment takes mere minutes and the results last indefinitely.

Birthmark and Pigmented Lesion Removal

If you have a birthmark on your face or another conspicuous place on your body, you know what a distraction it can be. Lasers now offer an effective option to people wanting to remove birthmarks and other types of skin pigmentation marks.

Depending on the darkness of the lesion, the number of treatments for removal may vary. Sollay will create a treatment plan to ensure the best results to make your skin look even toned.