Medical Marijuana

Sollay is now a provider for medical marijuana.

Medical Marijuana Certificates at Sollay!

Sollay Laser Center has teamed up with MMCC to become a medical cannabis clinic and is proud to announce that we are now a provider for Medical Marijuana.

What are the steps to becoming a medical marijuana patient?

Step 1: Register with the State

To get started, you must first register with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC). The MMCC is responsible for verifying Maryland state residency and issuing medical cannabis IDs.
What you’ll need to register:

  • Registration fee ($50 payable by card only)
  • Valid email address
  • Photo ID
  • If your address has recently changed, you will also need to provide two proofs of address.

Once your registration has been processed, the MMCC will send an approval email. This email will also contain an MMCC identification number, which will be important in the next step.

Step 2: Consultation with one of Sollay Laser Center’s certifying health provider.

A medical cannabis consultation is much like a doctor’s visit. Our licensed certified nurse practitioners consult with and certify patients.

What you’ll need to get certified:

  • Photo ID
  • Your MMCC identification number issued by the MMCC
  • $200 office fee

Once you have been certified, the MMCC will mail your medical cannabis ID card. In the meantime, you may visit any dispensary with your MMCC Certification or a temporary ID card(printable from your MMCC patient portal).

Step 3: Visit A Dispensary

The final step is to visit a dispensary. Once you have obtained both your registration and certification, you can now shop at local dispensaries. Here’s what you’ll need on your first visit to a dispensary:

  • Photo ID
  • MMCC ID card or MMCC Certification

FAQ about Maryland Medical Cannabis Cards

How do I become a legal medical cannabis patient in Maryland?

You must be a resident of the state of Maryland with a qualifying medical condition diagnosed by a doctor. You must then register by submitting an application and any necessary requested documentation with the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Once registered, you can get evaluated by our physicians at Sollay Laser Center.

What should I bring to my evaluation appointment?

You will need a photo ID and your MMCC number provided by the state once your application is completed. You will also need to bring any documentation, in relevance to the diagnosis that you wish to obtain a medical marijuana certificate for, that shows other alternatives are not working to relieve current symptoms.

How much does the Maryland medical marijuana certification cost?

The cost to meet with one of our providers is $200. That price includes assistance with paperwork, medical marijuana education, the doctor’s visit, and any other help throughout the process.

What are the qualifying conditions that allow me to receive my medical marijuana card certification?

Any severe condition for which other medical treatments have been ineffective could qualify for medical cannabis. PTSD, depression, cancer, autism, headaches, back pain, chronic pain, anxiety, glaucoma, seizures, severe nausea, muscle spasms, anorexia, cachexia, insomnia, and wasting syndrome are just a few of the qualifying conditions/symptoms. Although these are only some conditions, many other conditions may be reasonable.

How do I register as a Medical Marijuana patient in Maryland?

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission’s online registry is now open and you can register here. You can come by our office for any help with this process.

Can children become legal medical cannabis patients in Maryland?

Yes. Children (under 18) can become legal cannabis patients in Maryland. However, the child must have a parent or guardian serve as his/her caregiver.

How do I register as a caregiver for my child to receive legal medical marijuana?

​A patient or caregiver must submit an application on the MMCC website.

Will my insurance company cover the certification process, consultation, or medical marijuana application in Maryland?

No. Insurance companies do not cover the cost of a written certification in Maryland.

What will take place during my evaluation appointment with Sollay Laser Center?

A registered Maryland medical provider will examine you and assess your medical history. We will also maintain your patient records and provide follow-up care as needed.

Where can I get medical cannabis once I am certified for medical marijuana in Maryland?

In Maryland, a medical marijuana patient can only obtain legal medical cannabis from Maryland-licensed dispensaries. There will be a total of 94 dispensaries. There will be 2 dispensaries in each of the 47 legislative districts.

Do I need to carry a medical cannabis patient ID card?

You are not required to carry a patient ID card, but they are available as an option. A patient ID card will be available for a fee of $50.00 to the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission.

How much medical cannabis can a qualifying patient possess at one time?

A cannabis patient may possess up to 120 grams (approximately four ounces) of medical marijuana in a 30-day period.

Is there a maximum amount of marijuana extract that a patient can have?

Yes. A patient may have up to 36 grams of medical marijuana extract per 30-day supply.

Are edibles available in Maryland?

Yes. Edibles and topical THC are available at Maryland dispensaries.

Can I grow my own medical marijuana or can my caregiver grow it?

No. Only a state-licensed cultivation facility can grow medical marijuana.

What happens if I am stopped by law enforcement?

As a legal marijuana patient, you are protected. Patients do not have to disclose that they possess medical cannabis and do not have to consent to a search. However, if a search is conducted and medical cannabis is found, the patient should present their patient ID card or direct law enforcement to the Maryland Cannabis Commission database to show that they are a legal patient.

Is it safe to drive under the influence of Medical Marijuana?

Although you will be certified to carry and use medical marijuana, our health care providers at Sollay Laser Center do not recommend driving while under the influence of Medical Marijuana. We insist you enjoy it in the comfort of your own home.

Do Maryland dispensaries recognize other state medical cannabis ID cards?

No. You must be certified in Maryland by a state-approved medical provider to legally purchase medical marijuana in the state.