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Each year Sollay Laser Center seeks new solutions for medical conditions like stubborn body fat and cellulite for our patients, giving our patients more options for achieving their body and wellness goal.

At Sollay we are always excited when we are able to offer our patients new treatments and services. We want to stay at the front of the latest technology in family esthetic medicine and that is why we introduce new products and treatments to our family of patients in the Baltimore/Washington/Annapolis area.

Currently we are offering our patients a new treatment SculpSure. There has been plenty of curiosity about SculpSure. Frequently asked questions include:

  • How does it work?
  • What kinds of results can I expect?
  • How is this different from other treatments like UltraShape or Coolsculpt?

In particular patients want to know how SculpSure compares to UltraShape and Coolsculpt.


How do Coolsculpt, SculpSure and Ultrashape power work?

Both Coolsculpt and SculpSure change the temperature of fat cells in order to permanently destroy the cells. As its name implies, Coolsculpt works by freezing fat cells. SculpSure on the other hand uses laser light to heat fat cells. UltraShape Power divides fat cell walls through the use of ultrasound waves which damages the fat cell walls by vibration. Then the damaged fat cells are reabsorbed naturally by the body.

Coolsculpt works by drawing the fatty tissue of the targeted area into the vacuum applicator device. The device applies suction while cooling the area causing the fat cells to freeze. The frozen cells are no long viable and so the body naturally clears away these dead fat cells. Once these dead fat cells are removed, the treatment area can appear smoother and more contoured.

SculpSure uses multiple flat applicators that are placed on up to 4 treatment areas simultaneously. These treatment applicators use laser energy to heat the fat cells in the targeted area to the point that the cells are damaged. Cooling plates are built into the SculpSure head so that you do not feel the heat and your skin remains at a comfortable temperature during the SculpSure treatment. As with SculpSure, over time the body naturally removes these damaged fat cells permanently reducing the fat in the treated area.

UltraShape focuses ultrasound waves through a specially designed ultrasound applicator to break the wall of fat cells by vibration so that the cells are destroyed and carried away by the body’s natural systems; reducing fat in the treated area and creating a smooth body slimming appear.


What are SculpSure, Ultrashape and Coolsculpt treatments like?

Although SculpSure and Coolsculpt use a similar principle of changing the temperature of fat cells, the treatments themselves are quite different.

SculpSure treatments each take around 25 minutes. With SculpSure up to 4 applicators are used at one time to treat the targeted fatty areas. In many patients 2-4 targeted areas can be treated simultaneously. The treatment applicator is set on top of the skin, which keeps your skin cool while using laser light energy to heat the fat cells below. The laser energy is specifically designed to target fat cells. There is no additional care needed during or after the SculpSure procedure. Patients can get right back to work or play within the hour. A series of 3 treatments 2-4 weeks apart are recommended for most patients.

Each Coolsculpt treatment takes at least 60 minutes for each area requiring sculpting. The applicator is placed on the treated area and the tissue is pulled and sucked between the cooling plates in order to freeze the targeted fat cells. Most patients don’t mind the sensation of the Coolsculpt device. Following the procedure, it is necessary to massage the treated area before the patient can leave. Most patients are able to get back to work or play right away. Each treated area takes 60 minutes. Patients treating multiple areas will require 60 minutes per treatment area unless the practice has multiple Coolsculpt machines. For example patients treating both arms or legs will require at least 120 minutes in order to treat these areas if only 1 machine is available.

UltraShape is a virtually pain free, noninvasive procedure for the removal of diet and exercise resistant fat. UltraShape therapy is usually provided as a series of 3 treatments scheduled 2-4 weeks apart. UltraShape is the only fat destroying technology that uses non-thermal, pulsed, focused ultrasound to selectively destroy fat. Since UltraShape is non-thermal, it is the most comfortable option as compared to freezing or heating the fat.

UltraShape uses ultrasound waves to penetrate to the fatty layer of your body and destroys the targeted fat cells. Since the fat cell is destroyed by mechanical vibration, there is no heat involved or cold involved therefore there is little or no discomfort other than slight vibrating or a buzzing sensation. Additionally since there is no thermal damage from heating or freezing, there is less swelling or inflammation after treatment.


Are there side effects or risks associated with SculpSure, Ultrashape and Coolsculpt?

With any treatment or procedure, it is important to speak with Dr. Baker and his expert medical staff about your treatment goals and your overall health before making a commitment. All 3 medical procedures are safe and have FDA approval. However, these procedures are not necessary suitable for all patients. Each patient’s body is different which is why each treatment is personalized for you.

None of these procedures require any surgery, therefore there are no surgical scars. They do not require any general anesthesia or local anesthesia. There are no needles involved in any of these procedures.

Coolsculpt patients may experience sensations such as strong pulling or tugging from the cool suction applicator but typically these sensations subside or lessen after about 7 minutes of cooling. After the treatment, the area is firmly massaged. There can be temporary discomfort which reduces by the time the patient leaves. Following your Coolsculpt treatment, the treated area may have some redness, swelling and occasional bruising. Most patients experience local soreness but this does not prohibit most patients from doing any normal daily activities nor are there any restrictions on your daily workout. These issues usually resolve within a week or 2. Although numbness in the treated area can persist for several weeks.

SculpSure does not require any suction or massaging. SculpSure rectangular shaped treatment heads are about the size of your palm are applied to targeted fat areas. There are periods of warming immediately followed by a period of cooling. Patients are regularly asked to rate their experience on a 1-5 scale. The goal is to keep the patient in the “green zone” which maximizes treatment effects while minimizing patient discomfort. SculpSure allows the staff to change the treatment experience for each of the 4 heads individually allowing for a maximal comfort experience. During the treatment there is some tingling and for some patients the sensation of pinching/cramping/warming. The treatment overall is well tolerated and is supervised by our well-qualified nurse practitioners. There is mild redness following SculpSure treatments and bruising is rare. Occasionally there can be some mild swelling which can last up to 1 week. Patients often experience localized soreness much like you experience if you go to the gym and do a concentrated workout; but this does not prohibit most patients from doing any normal daily activities or exercising. Though it is a laser treatment because the laser is working on fat cells beneath the skin rather than on the surface of the skin, patients will all different skin colors and types can benefit from SculpSure.

UltraShape is fast and has absolutely no down time and virtually no side effects. UltraShape damages fat cells with pulses of ultrasound energy. The fat cells are instantly damaged and the body then permanently eliminates them over the next 1.5 – 2 months. Many patients experience results that are obvious after only 2 weeks. Most patients need at least 3 sessions and each session lasts between 15 – 45 minutes depending upon the area treated. Patients are immediately able to go back to work and/or play after receiving a treatment. All skin types can effectively be treated.


What areas of the body can be treated with SculpSure, Ultrashape and  Coolsculpt?

SculpSure, UltraShape and Coolsculpt are all FDA approved. Both Coolsculpt and SculpSure can be used to treat the abdomen (muffin top, love handles, belly), flanks (saddle bags) and thighs. Additionally both Coolsculpt and SculpSure have approval to treat the chin and submental areas. Both procedures can be used to treat off label areas in addition such as the upper arms. SculpSure does not require suction so it can be used for patients who do not have enough fat to suction as is required by Coolsculpt.

UltraShape Power is also versatile and you can treat many different areas on the body. Commonly treated areas include the abdominal wall treatment of muffin tops, love handles and belly abdominal rolls. Additionally flanks including saddle bags and thighs are common areas of treatment. However, UltraShape is very adaptable and can be used to treat virtually any area of the body in which persistent fat deposits can be identified.


What kinds of results can you get from SculpSure comparted to Coolsculpt and Ultrashape?

SculpSure, UltraShape Power and Coolsculpt all give the best results to patients who are specifically trying to target stubborn fat. It is not uncommon that in patients who exercise and are careful about what they eat still have fat deposits that they just can’t seem to get rid of no matter how much they diet or exercise. For many patients this will include areas of stubborn fat around the waist. SculpSure, UltraShape Power and Coolsculpt are effective options for this type of patient. While they give excellent body contouring results, neither of these procedures is appropriate for whole body weight loss or trying to remove a large amount of fat.

With Coolsculpt you can expect to see results in the treated areas as early as 3 weeks after your first treatment but you’ll have more dramatic results after 3 months.

SculpSure can provide quicker initial results but you will reach optimal results after 3 months. With each of these procedures, how many treatments you will need depends on your unique body and treatment goals. With some patients, only 1 treatment is required while others may have more fatty tissue that requires multiple sessions. Remember that only a percentage of fat cells in an area are permanently destroyed with each treatment. Multiple treatments are often required to meet your goals

UltraShape also produces quicker results with patients often reporting visible changes within 2 weeks which continue to progress up to 3 months. Most UltraShape patients will require 3 treatments approximately 2 weeks apart in order to reach maximum benefit. Additionally UltraShape can be combined with both Coolsculpt and SculpSure in order to provide additive treatment results. Treatment prescriptions unique to your needs will be written by Dr. Baker and his well-qualified nurse practitioner staff.

SculpSure, UltraShape and Coolscupt work by killing fat cells, which means that your results are usually permanent as long as you maintain your weight. If you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle and your body enlarges remaining fat cells by storing additional calories that you eat, you may lose your results. However it has been noted that patients who have been treated with SculpSure, who subsequently gain weight, appear not to put as much fat back on in the treated area.

Additionally Vellashape Radiofrequency technology is being used to assist patients receiving SculpSure, Coolsculpt and UltraShape Power treatments to tighten loose skin that can occur as a result of significant, permanent fat destruction by these therapies. Vellashape uses radiofrequency technology to create collagen which subsequently rejuvenates and tightens loose skin; which can follow significant fat destruction or significant weight loss by exercise and diet.

It is important to realize that it is impossible to know which procedure is best for you until our staff has the opportunity to examine you. If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for one of these body contouring procedures, call Sollay Laser Center to set up a free appointment for consultation with Dr. Baker and his team of specialized nurse practitioners.

Dr. Terrance Baker and his staff of nurse practitioners are committed to assist you to obtain the results that you are looking for.  Call Sollay Medical Center today for your free consultation (410) 644-7655.

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