UltraShape Power Plus SculpSure Laser Technology The Ultimate Body Sculpting Experience

Sollay Laser Center, Center of Excellence, specializes in providing patients in the Baltimore/Washington region with cutting edge technology to meet their medical needs.  Today, we are excited to offer our patients the cutting-edge body shaping technology of UltraShape Power combined with the first ever medical therapeutic laser SculpSure to bring our patients the latest in cutting-edge effective permanent body shaping.

By combining UltraShape Power and SculpSure technology Sollay Laser Center of Excellence offers our patients the opportunity to achieve all of their body shaping goals.

Together UltraShape Power by Syneron-Candela and SculpSure by Cynosure, the leading two manufacturers for body shaping technology provide benefits never previously experienced.

The Experience:

  • Virtually painless fat cell destruction using state of the art ultrasound technology and laser technology resulting in mechanical and thermal shattering of fat cells for permanent destruction of fat deposits.
  • Comprehensive contouring: effective transducers precisely provide focused delivery of ultrasound and laser treatment of both large and small areas.
  • Improved fat layer thickness reduction. Powerful reduction in fat layer thickness v. competitive technologies when UltraShape power and SculpSure laser technology are combined.
  • Virtual destruction of all types of fat cells using a combination of mechanical destruction using ultrasound energy and thermal (heat) mechanisms for disruption and destruction of fat cell walls. Together these two technologies treat virtually every type of fat cell.  Virtually all types of fat cells are susceptible to destruction by using a combination of ultrasound mechanical disruption of the cell wall membrane and the thermal mechanism of the SculpSure laser.

If you are serious about body sculpting you will call Sollay Laser Center of Excellence today.  Our highly trained experienced board certified staff will meet with you to customize a treatment plan to reduce fat layer thickness and to give you the shape of your dreams.

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