Treatment of Post-herpetic Neuralgia (Nerve Pain After Shingles Attack)

Treatment of Post-herpetic Neuralgia (nerve pain after shingles attack)The onset of shingles which occurs as a result of the reactivation of the chicken pox virus which lives in the spine of each patient is one of the most painful, disabling disorders known to doctors. In the past, treatment was limited to the use of narcotics, antiviral medications, topical soothing lotions and Prednisone.  None of these options guaranteed resolution of the patient’s shingles condition.  Symptoms could last for weeks.  Even after the acute infection chronic pain could linger for years.

Now Sollay Laser Center in Baltimore, Maryland, is excited to offer the first FDA approved treatment of shingles regardless of whether your symptoms started today with pain and swelling or whether you have multiple shingle blisters or you have been suffering with the pain that can persist for days, weeks, months and years after a shingles infection.  The staff of Sollay Medical Center has an effective treatment for you.

“Shingles” is the common name for a herpes zoster (chicken pox) infection.  Laser therapy can heal the acute onset of shingles pain and blisters and can help prevent the serious complications of post hepatic neuralgia.  The Sollay Laser Center staff has developed specific protocols that provide patients with laser therapy resulting in an immediate improvement of pain followed by complete healing.

Patients often report an immediate significant reduction in their symptoms followed by rapid improvement of the pain, swelling and blisters that can accompany a shingles attack.

For over ten (10) years the staff of Sollay Laser Center has been providing effective treatment for acute (new) attacks of shingles as well as treating chronic (greater than one month) attacks of the shingles virus and the pain that can persist long after the acute infection has passed.

Post herpetic neuralgia (nerve pain after shingles attack) can be effectively treated through the use of medical therapeutic lasers.

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