Dermatological Dream Team

The Sollay Dermatological Dream Team would like to invite you to discover the difference that great skin care can make in your life.  Schedule your appointment today.

At Sollay Laser Center our goal is to help people solve the most common skin concerns.  We have witnessed first hand the tremendous emotional and physical difference that comes from gaining control over every day skin issues such as acne, wrinkles, skin discoloration and skin sensitivity.  At Sollay Laser Center lives are changed daily as we care for skin and help you to be the best you possible.

Our goal is to give everyone access to family medicine inspired skin care so that they can experience the personal confidence that comes with healthy clear and even toned complexion.

At Sollay Laser Center a family medicine-based laser treatment and skin care center of excellence we have paired with leading manufacturers such as CynoSure, Candella, Astanza, BioFlex, PowerMedic, and Rodan & Fields to bring you state of the art, cutting edge technology.  No expense has been spared to bring you the best care available.

Your skin and physical health is our passion.  Call today to the Sollay Laser Center at 410-644-7655 for your free consultation.

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