Neova Smart Skin Care

Dual Matrix:

(Retinol plus DNA)

Sollay Laser Center is excited to team up with Neova Smart Skin Care to offer the breakthrough power blend of retinol plus DNA repair technology which delivers visible youth enhancing results and improved overall appearance.

Dual Matrix (Retinol plus DNA) is a ground breaking formula of great importance in the management of photo damaged skin.  It offers the brilliance of a dual active product built in to replenishing moisturizers with zero irritation.

Dual Matrix offers two powerful technologies.  With a patent retinol technology and Liposome encapsuled DNA repair technology, dual matrix delivers fast, effective results within 14 days.

Aging of the skin results from the combined action of genetic factors and the influence of environmental factors such as direct sun and the effects of ultra violet radiation on the skin.  Among all of the environmental factors that skin is forced to deal with each day ultra violet radiation plays the most important role in premature skin aging.  Decades of documented studies demonstrate the relationship between ultra violet radiation and premature skin aging.

Dual Matrix was specifically designed to address these two causes of skin aging.  Dual matrix addresses genetic determinants of aging skin and the influence of environmental factors such as UVR.  Acute integrated formula of one percent pure Tretinoin that works similarly to Retin-A but without its irritations and common side effects combined with the DNA repair enzyme, Andonuclease.  Together these specifically designed products simultaneously provide rapid and clinically proven improvement for the signs of photo aging and hormonally induced acne.  The results are smoother, or even looking skin tone and texture with visibly marked reduction in pore size, fine lines and wrinkles.

Recent clinical evaluations demonstrate that:

  • Visibly reduces age spots with subjects achieving a 50% improvement in the grading of discolored skin in just one month.
  • Improved overall skin appearance by 50% in just two weeks.  All study participants reported roughness, dryness, tone, radiance, softness, firmness, tightness, elasticity and overall skin condition were significantly improved.
  • Reduced skin surface scaling a strong indicator of irritation and dryness.
  • Reduces signs of skin DNA damage by 76% in just 24 hrs. of use.

Today, Sollay Laser Center is proud to offer dual matrix by Neova formulated by Photomedex, a leading global skin health company.

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