Sollay Laser Center is proud to partner with Regenica developed by one of the leading scientist in regenerative medicine who discovered that by reproducing the embryonic environment that she could produce a younger fresher set of growth factors that are present when skin is in its most regenerative stage.  Regenica has reinvented growth factor skin care.

Regenica skin care is created with MRCx next generation growth factor technology and is designed to supplement the growth factors in skin that you have lost over time.  Clinical studies show that when used consistently Regenica improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of pores and helps even out skin tone appearance to reveal a more radiant complexion.  Regenica is made with MRCx next generation growth factor technology which enhances the skins natural repair and renewal and helps reverse the signs of aging.

Sollay Laser Center recommends the following products:

  • Regenica rejuvenating dual serum is a revolutionary breakthrough in skin care.  The twin chambers deliver both a 95% concentration of patent MRCx next generation growth factor technology in a powerful formula of over ten essential ingredient including advanced copper peptise, amino acids, anti-oxidants and plant based extracts.  Regenica rejuvenating dual serum puts modern technology to work to reveal your most beautiful assets, your skin.
  • Regenica renew SPF 15.  Regenica renew SPF15 helps protect skin from harmful UV rays.  It is the only UV protective formulated with MRCx next generation growth factor technology to enhance skins natural repair and renewal and help prevent the signs of aging.
  • Regenica repair complex.  Regenica repair complex helps enhance skin renewal.  Made with MRCx next generation growth factor technology is specifically formulated for sensitive skin.  Help restore your skin to its optimal health.
  • Regenica Replenishing Cream.  Regenica replenishing cream hydrates skin and helps reverse the signs of aging.  Combination of MRCx next generation growth factor technology, powerful Peptides and advanced moisturizers replenishes what you have lost over time.  Nourish your skin and reveal your most radiant complexion.
  • Regenica Revitalizing Eye Cream specifically designed for the delicate skin around the eye.  It is a revolutionary formulation of MRCx next generation growth factor technology and advanced Peptides, powerful antioxidants and superior moisturizing agents.  Regenica revitalizing eye cream quickly softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing the appearance of puffiness and dark under eye circles.
  • Regenica Recovery Gel.  Regenica recovery gel was created for post-injection use.  It is a soothing balm that quickly heals skin.  It infuses MRCx next generation growth factor technology with the most trusted natural anti-inflammatory and calming agents including Amica, vitamin K, aloe vera, beta-glucan and symcalmin.  Help reverse the signs that your skin was ever less than perfect.

In a recent clinical study on female subject’s ages 35 to 65 clinically significant anti-aging benefits were observed by the physician investigator in overall smoothness and tone with improved radiance and translucency during the course of a 12 week treatment.  In the same study subjects were asked about the results they observed.  After 12 weeks of use the patient’s reported highly clinical significant benefits.

100% would recommend Regenica to a friend.

100% said skin looked healthier.

94% saw reduction in appearance of fine wrinkles and lines.

94% saw more even skin tone.

94% felt their skin texture had improved.

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