Rodan & Fields (R&F) – The Story

Before and after pictures of patients using Rodan & Fields skin care systems are being seen throughout he world. The secret is out. Rodan & Fields today is one of the most successful lines of skin care ever created. But what you may not know is the story behind how Rodan & Fields started.

“R&F” are Board Certified Dermatologists Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields who became great friends while studying at Stanford. They would initially both go on to work in other practices but in 1990 something changed for them. Drs. Rodan and Fields created a business of their own known as Rodan & Fields (R&F). Drs. Rodan and Fields spent many nights and weekends at Katie’s house to create a line of products that were needed to change the needs of aging patients and patients who wanted to successfully combat the changes of aging starting at an early age. Rodan & Fields in 1995 would license their products to Gunthy-Renker and would become one of the top selling lines of skin care in the world.

Rodan & Fields product line of skin care products was launched in 2002 and was originally only sold in high- end stores like Macy’s. In 2008, they re-launched as a multi-level marketing company because they knew their product worked and was changing lives daily. Today Rodan & Fields is celebrating 10 years as a company and they did all of this in their spare time.

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