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What is Sublative?

Sublative is a revolutionary radiofrequency (RF) device that effectively treats acne scars; reduces fine lines and wrinkles; improves tone and texture; reduces large pores; as well as tightens the skin with minimum down time and without surgery.  Sublative delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the skin to promote new collagen growth. The skin looks unbelievably fresh and smooth after treatments. Each treatment builds on the collagen growth of previous treatments. You look better as you do more treatments.  You can customize the look that you want.

Who is a candidate for Sublative?

Sublative is a safe treatment for all skin types.  It is an excellent treatment for someone who has acne scars, signs of aging such as skin sagging, and deep lines and wrinkles as well as large pores.  The treatment can be combined with other skin treatment and skin regimen to achieve the best results. You can customize the look that you want.

How many treatments are recommended for maximum benefit?

We generally recommend a series of 3-6 treatments every 4-6 weeks apart.  Maintenance treatment can be done as needed after a series of treatments. During consultations we evaluate the skin and discuss options on how to achieve excellent results depending on what you need and your skin condition.

Is the treatment painful?  How long does it take to do the treatments?

Sollay Laser Center recommends cryo therapy by Zimmer to provide topical relief of discomfort experienced by some patients during the course of the procedure.  Zimmer cryo therapy provides skin cooling with cold air which minimizes pain and thermal injury during the sublative radiofrequency treatment. Zimmer cryo therapy provides similar temporary topical and aesthetic relief as experienced with numbing creams and injectable anesthetics.  Zimmer technology provides comfort without the complications of topical anesthetics and/or injectable anesthetics. However, a topical numbing cream is also available to patients to add additional comfort affects for those who want additional comfort during the treatment process.

The typical sublative treatment requires approximately 20 minutes of actual treatment time.  Patients should set aside 45 to 60 minutes in general for the complete office treatment experience.

Is there any down time after treatments?

Following each treatment your skin will look pink or possibly red with mild to moderate puffiness/swelling.  This redness will last anywhere from a few hours to days depending upon the “sensitivity” of your skin and the underlying medical condition being treated.  Makeup can be applied to hide the redness over the next several days. In some patients 2-3 days after the sublative treatment a tiny grid will appear on the skin associated with some scabbing and/or peeling which will resolve over the next 5-10 days leaving the skin smooth and healthier.  Depending upon the pretreatment condition of your skin and the nature of the medical condition being treated the peeling and/or scabbing will be less or more. Again, the peeling and/or scabbing can be camouflaged by makeup if it occurs.

How do I prep my skin before and after treatment?

We strong suggest you discontinue any irritant topical product such as acne medications (benzoyl/salicylic acid), bleaching creams (HQ, vitamin C), retinols/Retin A a week before your treatment.  Use gentle products like Dove unscented soap/wash one week prior to your treatment time. On the day of your treatment your skin should be clean, free of makeup, and any other products. You should avoid tanning before and after treatment.  After the treatments you can apply moisturizer and sunscreen. Also, avoid tanning/sun exposure to prevent injury to the treated area. Gentle cleaning products need to be used one week after treatments. Avoid hot baths, massages, working out for 2-3 days after treatment to prevent trauma.  Botox and fillers can be performed 2-4 weeks before or after the sublative treatment.

What are the side effects of Sublative treatment?

Temporary redness and swelling of the skin is expected after treatment.  Rate side effects like any other non-invasive skin treatments include scar, infection, color change (hypo pigmentation, hyper pigmentation).

What is the cost for the Sublative treatment?

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