Non-Surgical, Painless Facelift

Sollay Laser Center is among the first family practice offices in the world to have the TempSure Technology in our office. TempSure Envy System by Cynosure is the worlds first full body skin tightening system designed for the face and body to eliminate wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks and much more.

TempSure seems almost magical. The entire treatment procedure is over quickly. The treatment time depends on the area treated but most places like the full face, the full abdomen, above the knees and behind the thighs take 20 minutes each and results seem almost immediate. You will actually see tightening effects after your first treatment, though the real improvements will continue to improve over 4-6 weeks.

Most patients require more than one treatment. Four treatments total, spaced every 2-4 weeks depending on what your treating results in permanent improvement. The collagen that you generate from TempSure is permanent though it won’t prevent the body’s natural aging from continuing over the years to follow. At Sollay Laser Center we recommend a maintenance session every 6 months or once a year in order to maximize the effects that you gain.

TempSure is a huge leap in technology in terms of results and comfort. It is truly the most effective facelift and neck lift that doesn’t require surgery. If you are looking to tighten and improve your skin tone. Schedule an appointment today. Appointments are filling. Call Sollay Laser Center today 410-644-7655 for your free consultation and to book your first treatment session.

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