“Dr. Baker is the best!”
“I love this office. Several years ago I came to Dr. Baker with a dying foot that was scheduled to be amputated. Dr. Baker and his staff worked with me and provided a medical therapeutic laser treatment plan that restored life to my ankle and foot allowing me to stay independent and to avoid amputation. Dr. Baker and his team are incredible. I would highly recommend Dr. Baker and his staff.”
– Mr. Fowler.

“I highly recommend this medical office for any family medicine need!”
“I went to Dr. Baker’s office for evaluation of a medical condition for which I had suffered for many years. Dr. Baker and his staff began the process of getting to know me by investing time to understand my condition and treatments that had previously provided that were not successful. Between the consultation and the treatment, I am very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Baker’s office for any family practice needs. Thank you.”
– Susan E.

“I would recommend this medical office for any med spa need.”
“I have had multiple treatments at Sollay Laser Center. All have been provided by knowledgeable and caring staff. The staff at Sollay Laser Center listened and recommended treatments that were right for me. I highly recommend this medical office for skin care needs above any med spa.”
– Beverly D.

“Loved my weight loss program.”
“The HCG weight loss program was incredible. I lost approximately 50 lbs. over the course of six (6) weeks. The office staff was supportive and always there to guide me through periods of indiscretion and cheating. I highly recommend Sollay Medical and Laser Center for serious weight loss.”
– Lee T.

“Effective shingles treatment.”
“Last year I was suffering with the acute onset of shingles. The pain was incredible and the rash was very upsetting. I went to Dr. Baker and his staff at Sollay Medical and Laser Center where I underwent a history and physical examination and laser light was used to heal my shingles outbreak. The rash began to disappear almost immediately. During that first treatment session I began to have a reduction of pain which continued over the next week until the rash and pain were resolved. I highly recommend Dr. Baker’s treatment approach to anyone experiencing a new or recurrent shingles outbreak”.
– Donald W.

“Complete resolution of my toenail fungus.”
“I have been suffering with toenail fungus for several years with discolored and misshaped toenails. Over the course of the past year I have undergone a treatment at Dr. Baker’s office for toenail fungus using laser treatments. After a total of three (3) treatments I now have new nails that are fungus free.”
– Elizabeth M.

“Finally toenail fungus free.”
“After many years of suffering with toenail fungus I heard about the use of lasers to treat toenail fungus. After two treatments I was fungus free and have remained fungus free. I highly recommend the use of medical lasers for the treatment of toenail fungus”.
– Len A.

“Back pain free.”
After years of suffering with low back pain and being told there was nothing to do accept for taking medication, I heard about the Sollay Medical and Laser Center. After obtaining a complete medical history, Dr. Baker and his staff designed a treatment program for me using medical therapeutic lasers. Today, I am pain free and off all medications. I highly recommend this office to you if you are suffering with low back pain.
– Gloria B.

“Knee pain free”
“Several years ago, I came to Dr. Baker in the Fall wanting to see if there was any treatment available for my severe knee pain which had bothered me for several years and had left me mostly using a wheelchair. I wanted to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family and friends one more time. I presented to Dr. Baker’s office in a wheelchair and explained that I would be interested in trying medical therapeutic lasers to treat my knee pain to see if it would be possible for me to get back on my feet to cook Thanksgiving dinner one more time. Following a series of laser treatments designed especially for me I was able this year to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family. All of the credit goes to Dr. Baker and his staff. I cannot tell you how incredibly happy it made me feel to be able to see the happiness on my families face as we celebrating Thanksgiving together and to realize that I had been able to prepare the meal for all my family and friends one more time.”
– Susan T.