The 411 On UltraShape® Body Contouring Treatment

A combination of abdominal crunches, planks, or high-intensity interval training and moderation in diet may work for some individuals who want to get rid of the stubborn pockets of fat. Yet there are still men and women who are frustrated with their ability to reduce the appearance of what most of us affectionately call love handles, beer belly, muffin tops, and saddle bags.

What is the UltraShape® body contouring procedure?
In a nutshell, UltraShape® is a non-invasive procedure that permanently eliminates excess body fat through pulsed-focused ultrasound. It is specifically suitable for subcutaneous fat (the fat that is pinch-able underneath the skin).
How is fat eliminated?
Once the UltraShape® energy has been delivered to the target area, the fat dissolves and is filtered via the liver – same way the body processes fat from the food you eat.
What is the procedure like?
The procedure lasts between roughly 1 to 1.5 hours, depending on the target area. There is also no need for anesthesia during an UltraShape® treatment.
How about the downtime?
There is no downtime after having UltraShape®! Bruising and swelling which are common following traditional liposuction are absent. For most patients, the skin in the target area remains soft and smooth.
When will I see results?
It takes roughly 10 to 14 days for the body to totally eliminate the targeted fat cells. Although one session of UltraShape® may be enough to see the results you want, a series of three sessions is recommended for maximum results.
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