Body Sculpting Technology for Dreamers

UltraShape body contouring works!!!  It is a safe effective treatment to remove stubborn areas of fat from virtually anywhere on your body.  Typically, three treatments, two to three weeks apart, results in a two to five centimeter reduction of fat.  Results are often seen quickly and it is a very comfortable treatment. Patients from around the world have been extremely happy with their results at the Sollay Laser Center of Excellence.

You can fly into BWI airport; catch an Uber; receive your treatment at Sollay Laser Center of Excellence; and be back home in time for dinner.

Additional therapies with VelaShape technology; TempSure (radio frequency) and SculpSure laser technology are available for added benefits for patients wanting a more aggressive approach to meeting their bodies slimming goals.

Call today for your free consultation with our board certified family medicine staff. (410) 644-7655.

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