Need Some Help for Your Vacation?

Sollay Laser Center of Excellence is pleased to offer the cutting-edge UltraShape Power body slimming technology to our patients.  UltraShape treatments are painless and can help you look your best. You deserve to look and feel your best. UltraShape Power can help you to accomplish your dreams.  Most patients after receiving three treatments lose more than three inches from around the waistline.

UltraShape Power treatments are amazing.  You definitely will see a difference after as little as three treatments.  The results that most patients have seen have been absolutely unbelievable.  Patients love the results. UltraShape is very effective at targeting layers of fat in the abdominal area and works to smooth out your stomach to make it look and feel tighter all over.  UltraShape is the perfect technology to assist you with what you have been doing in the gym.

Look your best for this vacation.  You deserve it!!!

Call today for your free consultation with our board certified family medicine  staff (410) 644-7655. Let us customize a body slimming, body shaping medical prescription just for you.

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