What You Should Know About the VelaShape III Treatment

Dr. Oz Shows The Benefits of VelaShape III Treatment

Want to tone up that tummy, tighten up the arms, or get rid of unsightly cellulite on the legs but don’t want to go under the knife? Well, VelaShape III may be just the treatment you’re looking for.

The VelaShape III is an FDA-cleared medical device that is used to renew collagen, affect the dermal structure and connective tissue to reduce the appearance of cellulite, and improved skin quality. VelaShape III combines three different types of energy: Bi-Polar RF (radio frequency) IR (infrared), and mechanical tissue manipulation with a pulsed vacuum. The deep head produced by the RF and IR energy allows VelaShape III to effectively address both the fat and the skin by shrinking fat cells and stimulating the collagen tightening that leads to an overall improvement in the appearance of the skin. The vacuum improves lymphatic drainage and allows the heat energy to penetrate deeper into the fat layers.

Dr. Oz has recommended VelaShape III as a nonsurgical solution for “bat wings” or the upper arm area to contour and tone slack skin. It also works well for fat deposits and cellulite on the thighs, buttocks, tummy, love handles, and muffin tops – the treatment works for both men and women.

Take a look at what else Dr. Oz has to say about the wonders of VelaShape III below:


VelaShape III

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