Work-Out Fanatic with Cellulite Problems

UltraShape Power by Syneron-Candela combined with SculpSure by Cynosure provides body shaping results never previously thought to be possible.

If you’re 20-30 years old and workout intensely most days including lifting heavy weights but continue to have problems with cellulite on your abdominal wall, inner and outer thighs and flank area then the combination of permanent mechanical fat destruction by UltraShape Power combined with the laser destruction of fat cells using SculpSure technology by Cynosure will provide your body with sculpting results never before seen.

Today, Sollay Laser Center of Excellence has designed a treatment protocol designed to use the effective mechanical destruction of ultrasound energy to permanently eliminate layers of unwanted fat while combining the effectiveness of laser destruction of fat stores to achieve a body appearance previously only available through open surgical procedures.

Add Tempsure and/or VelaShape therapy using radiofrequency technology to tighten skin and you have the recipe for body perfection.

Whether you are a star athlete, a model or a dancer, we can design a sculpting prescription just for you.

You can make your dreams come true.  Unwanted areas of fat can be permanently destroyed and removed.  Using radiofrequency technology through Tempsure and VelaShape provides patients with the opportunity to slim and tighten in ways never previously thought to be possible.

Call today for your free consultation with our board certified family medicine staff.  (410) 644-7655.

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