Laser Tattoo Removal at Sollay Cosmetic Medical and Laser in Baltimore Maryland

Laser Tattoo Removal

We have had great success with Laser tattoo removal here at Sollay. We would like to reach out to anyone going into the Military or the Police force who need to have their tattoo removed. If your thinking of a career in either the Military or Law Enforcement you may want to get started immediately since it does take several treatments over a period of a few months. It has been our experience that people are worried that tattoo removal is painful but rest assured I myself have had a tattoo put on my experience is it is more painful to put on then to remove a tattoo espically if it is small, takes only a matter of a few minutes and we offer numbing cream to anyone who is concerened about pain. If you were able to sit thru getting a tattoo put on you will most certainly be ok to get it removed!! We offer a discount to Military and Law Enforcement. Call today for your free consultation and schedule your appointment with Sollay Laser in Baltimore Maryland.

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