Non-invasive Laser Lipo at Sollay Cosmetic Medical and Laser Center in Baltimore

Along with it’s anti-inflammatory and healing effects the non-invasive Lipo-laser accomplishes spot fat reduction.

Non-invasive laser lipo is a new and safer technology then traditional liposuction. By utilizing low level light therapy above the skin surface to stimulate the fat cell, patients see improvements both measurable and visually in the areas treated without invasively entering the body surgically. A lipolaser stimulates the Adipose tissue, better know as the fat cells, into releasing their core molecules into the body. From there the body then takes the molecules and processes them as energy. This procedure is similiar to exercise in that it does not destory the cell nor remove the cell from the body and requires NO DOWN TIME. This along with the VelaShape laser shows incredible results!! Call today for your free consultation at Sollay Laser Center in Baltimore 410-644-7655.

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