VelaShape at Sollay Cosmetic Medical Laser Center in Baltimore

Hello to everyone!! Just wanted to let everyone know how things are here at Sollay in Baltimore. With summer fast approaching our schedule is getting very busy. It seems the word has spread about the VelaShape Laser. When we first started with the VelaShape laser we hoped of course it would do well, we in no way had any idea just how well. We are so very pleased to be able to say that not only are we very happy, but our patients are very happy as well. Each time a patient does the procedure I as them if they can see a difference? Most patient’s see a difference in as few as three sessions. The most poplar answer from the patient is that they are into a pair of old pants that were to tight to wear. That makes us at Sollay in Baltimore so very happy because we can honestly say that this procedure speaks for itself. It truly is amazing!!!! We also offer a procedure called Bioflex that also helps with getting rid of the problem areas. The two combined along with a B-12 shot can do wonders. Great job to the person who invented VelaShape!!

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