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MonaLisa touch Fulton, MD/ MonaLisa touch MarylandMona Lisa Touch Technology is designed to restore a woman’s gynecological health. Vaginal discomforts such as dryness, burning, urinary incontinence can occur during pre-menopausal or after child birth. The main cause is often Atrophic Vaginitis: a disease that can adversely affect your life and the relationship with your partner. Call today for a free consultation to learn more about this exciting new procedure which can successfully treat many vaginal conditions.

Atrophic Vaginitis

The drop in estrogen that comes with menopause or even during breastfeeding after delivery, causes a series of problems that can have a severe impact on one’s social life and personal relationships. Atrophic Vaginitis is a medical condition which occurs when there is a lack of nourishment and hydration of the cells of the vaginal mucosa. This condition causes a progressive thinning of the vaginal and vulvar mucosa which then becomes more delicate, sensitive and more easily exposed to trauma.

Vaginal dryness, burning and being constantly irritated are often a result of Atrophic Vaginitis. Many woman do not speak about these signs and symptoms because many consider it a natural consequence of the change of life or following child birth. Today these medical conditions can be treated in the office using medical therapeutic lasers.

Pain during Sexual Intercourse (Dyspareunia)

Another effect of Atrophic Vaginitis is Dyspareunia- pain during sexual intercourse. Vaginal mucosa (lining) is thin, fragile, lack elasticity and above all is dry and unlubricated. This causes pain during sexual intercourse which often leads to a lack of sexual desire and uneasy feeling during intimate moments with your partner.

Dyspareunia can also be caused by pain in the perineal region caused by scaring from an episiotomy or after a laceration from a spontaneous delivery.

Urinary Incontinence

This is one of the most common female problems in women over 35 years of age which severely effects the quality of their life. There are different types of incontinence including stress (laughing, coughing or lifting something heavy), urgency (involuntary loss of urine due to lack of control of the urination stimulus by the brain); mixed (incontinence from a combination of stress and urine urgency or from reflux which occurs when the bladder is so full that the internal pressure is greater than that of the ability of the patient to hold the urine).

Embarrassment and shame prevent women from facing the problem and many often live with it. Now many of these woman can be treated by the Mona Lisa Touch.

Cancer Treatment. Many women after treatment for cancer experience the discomfort of vaginal dysfunction and dryness. The Mona Lisa Touch can be an exciting treatment for the rejuvenation of post therapy vaginal functioning.

Vaginal Laxity

Many mothers following pregnancy often experience problems with vaginal laxity. Mona Lisa Touch offers the ability to improve this medical condition and to restore vaginal tightness in many cases.

Mona Lisa Touch is a safe, effective medical procedure using a medical therapeutic laser to treat the vaginal lining which results in restoration of properly functioning vaginal mucosa. The procedure itself is similar to the examination that occurs during a pap smear examination. The procedure is painless and is commonly described as a mild vibration type of sensation by patients. No down time or recovery required. A series of 3 treatments is recommended although after a single treatment many woman experience significant improvement. The success rate is high with most if not all women reporting improvement and/or complete resolution of their symptoms.


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